How It Works

For Vehicle Owners

If you have available seats within your vehicle, you could easily share your ride with trusted co-travelers and enjoy shared costs.

  • Ultimate Travel Companion

    Your daily commute to work, or a simple pre planned travel can get rather repetitive, however based on your preferences, once you’re matched with a potential co-traveler, you can enjoy a new and more pleasant way to commute.

  • Keeping Your Traveler In The Loop.

    We know schedules change, sudden meetings pop up or your presence is required elsewhere, as common courtesy we advise you to Keep Your Traveler in the loop by informing him via call or SMS that you are unable to make it. This makes the process smoother and more streamlined! Did we mention that you may also receive a good rating from your travelers?

  • Payment

    Once you decide on your fee or charge for the journey, your co-traveler accepts this upon request of a seat and shall make the payment during the journey.

For Vehicle Travelers

Enjoy shared rides with friendly trusted co-traveler’s that’ll save you some money and offer a pleasant ride.

  • The Perfect Travel Buddy

    So you’re interested in Car Pooling? Great! This provides you with an exciting opportunity that benefits the community as a whole! So say goodbye to boring and stressful public transport or congested roads and expensive fuel bills. You can find your perfect travel buddy by entering the details of your journey. You will also have access to their reason for travel and preferences. Simply choose and submit a connect request. Both you and your travel buddy will be notified via SMS and Email, where you can arrange the other requirements at your own convenience.

  • The Ideal Traveler

    By being on time for your pick up or by informing your vehicle owner you ensure that the system works smoothly and efficiently, this provides everyone with a satisfactory experience. Ensure that you read the vehicle owners facilities and to remember your seat payment. Having the exact amount in hand makes sure everyone has a pleasant service without delays.

  • Star Traveler

    Sounds fancy? It is! By leaving a rating at the end of every journey, you ensure the same in return which will boost your profile rating. You can read what ratings other users have received and make travel plans with them as well.

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