• Why ride?

    Welcome to the era of carpooling! A service and solution adapted worldwide by heaps of people for many benefits, it offers more economical and comfortable solution to travel around while adding a positive element of saving the environment. Simply, you’ll be travelling in ease, by choosing a car traveling towards your destination and sharing the ride with others.

  • Together We Can Save The World.

    Carpooling reduces the massive number of vehicles on the road, this has a positive impact on our environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, effectively saving the Sri Lankan Ecosphere one car at a time.

    It doesn’t stop there, by carpooling, you are effectively contributing to the environment by taking one more vehicle off the road! By organizing more carpooling you will eventually reduce the number of vehicles traveling on the road freeing up traffic congestion, reducing fuel consumption and most importantly commute time.

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